our bread

there are a few things that i simply cannot see myself ever giving up in life- and bread is at the top of the list. the comfort of warm, freshly baked bread is incomparable. when i go out to eat, one of my biggest pet peeves is getting cold hard bread with cold hard butter, put on the table simply because it feels required. now i'm not going to try to say i never eat it... like many people, i am just hungry when i sit down and eat it whether it's tasty or not.

with my pet peeve in mind, one thing we wanted to do when we opened girl &the goat was bake breads daily in house, offering various styles and flavors with sides to accent, treating the bread as part of the meal rather than an afterthought. however, during the first weeks we were open, we discovered the reason many restaurants don't bake breads in house... space. oven space, table space, space for flour storage. as a result, our bread bakers have to come in at 5am to bake breads just so they can be out of the ovens by 11am for other uses. this is what sparked the idea of opening little goat a mere three weeks after opening girl &the goat. we wanted to spread out and have a dedicated baking kitchen where the flour could dominate and greg our baker and his fellow lovers of baking could play with flour all day long without worrying about where we are going to braise goat legs.

located on one side of the diner, little goat bread will be open from 6am until after dinnertime. the bakery is glassed in so everyone that comes by can see greg and his team feeding starters, making doughs, and scaling out rolls. our pastry chef mini will be moving across the street as well to work on baked goods, including mini-pies for the diner and other sweet offerings for the bread shop. come by in the morning for coffee cakes from various parts of the world, croissants, bagels and more. for lunch you can choose from the days selection of sandwiches and soups. then on your way home, grab a large loaf of bread to share with your family at the dinner table.

see you at little goat bread... all sorts of tasty baked snacks, all day long.