last year, i did a few dinners where i invited people to buy tickets, with the proceeds going to charity, to come and eat in my home. 10 guests that i had not met before came into my little condo and spent the evening in my kitchen and living room, eating and drinking and having way too much fun. my staff thought i was a bit nuts to invite people into my home, but i loved it. i love entertaining guests at dinner parties. it lets my inner martha come out and i can cook for guests while still in the comfort of my home. this is what inspired the little goat private dining... a space that feels like home. granted a much tidier and more put together home than our real one (and a few less stuffed animals and such laying around). cocktail parties, sit down wine or beer paired dinners, special charity events, beer dinners, farm dinners... anything we can think of, right in the comfort of our new home.